Welcome to my new site!

As many of you know, my information about my books was previously included in my fundraising page at www.keeponclimbing.com. That page will continue to exist, but I’ve decided to separate my book section and include it here. My plan is to update this site periodically as new writing-related items come up.

For example, one of the exciting things on the horizon is a new novel called A Perilous Decision, scheduled for release in May. Anyone who signs up for my Newsletter will receive a copy of the first two chapters in the coming weeks. You will also be the first to see the cover and book trailer and hear about release dates, etc.

You can sign up for the Newsletter in the Contact Me section. Your name will be put on the list and you will receive an occasional update from me. I promise not to spam you.

I hope you enjoy this site and I look forward to hearing from you.