I’ve decided now that I have been through the publishing and marketing wringer a few times (4 to be precise), I would share some thoughts so that others can avoid my mistakes. Every Tuesday, I will write some short tips in the section appropriately called Writing Tips. I hope my fellow writers find them useful while readers will get a glimpse behind the scenes in the life of an indie writer.

I plan on tweeting them out as well so follow me on Twitter @Karver2 for excerpts every Tuesday.

New Reviews for A Perilous Question

“I highly recommend this new book by Barry Finlay, a masterful piece, loaded with poignant information, extremely well drawn characters, with the power to move your heart, and lots and lots of action!” – Linda DeCoff, Author of Bridge of the Gods

“Barry has created a crime drama which never pauses for breath while educating the reader about the realities of life in Tanzania for the Tanzanians…” – Brian, Amazon reader