I’ve decided now that I have been through the publishing and marketing wringer a few times (4 to be precise), I would share some thoughts so that others can avoid my mistakes. Every Tuesday, I will write some short tips in the section appropriately called Writing Tips. I hope my fellow writers find them useful while readers will get a glimpse behind the scenes in the life of an indie writer.

I plan on tweeting them out as well so follow me on Twitter @Karver2 for excerpts every Tuesday.


Barry Finlay is a Best Selling non fiction and fiction author. His first two books were popular non fiction works and he has now expanded to writing crime novels. He has written about his experience climbing a mountain, his travels with his in-laws and a thrilling novel about a man following the trail of his wife's secret past. Barry has been honoured by at least one award for each book. His newest book, A Perilous Question was released May 15, 2016 and won an award as best crime novel from New Apple Literary Awards. It's another thriller about two young African girls who fall prey to a human trafficking ring that brings them to America and the attempts by Marcie Kane, whom we met in his previous book, to save them.

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